Gold Star Report 2016 – 2017

Steven John Ickes Rotary Club of Salem
Gold Star Report No. 25
July 1 2016 – June 30 2017
Steve Ickes – President

The Rotary Club of Salem had another stellar year.  Funds were raised to support our projects and committee activities. Our major Good Works recipient was St. Francis Shelter. Funds were used to build a new playground. St. Francis Shelter provides temporary housing for families with children with the purpose of moving them from crisis of homelessness into stable, safe and long term housing. The playground replaces an old, inadequate plastic play structure. Children now have a new, safe place to play outside. Funds raised also supported the work of several club committees and expenses related to our exchange student.
Planning for our 100th anniversary began in earnest. The board approved and the club supported the idea of building an amphitheater in Salem’s Riverfront Park. The planning committee was formed and strategies developed for the advance work necessary to assess the level of support within the community. The goal is to have it built and dedicated in the spring of 2020.
Planning continued for our inaugural Triathlon. We agreed to co-sponsor the event with the South Salem Rotary Club. We hired the help of a sports sponsoring business to lay the initial groundwork for the October 1, 2017 event.
We inducted new members, and saw the lowest attrition in five years. Members distributed dictionaries, donated gifts for the tree of giving, rang the bell for the Salvation Army and raised funds for Marion Polk Food Share.

The Rotary Club of Salem – Who We Are
The Rotary Club of Salem first organized in September 1919 when a small group of forward-looking business and professional men met above Giles’ Wholesale Fruit Store at south High and Trade Streets. The club was officially chartered on January 1, 1920. The Rotary Club of Salem was the 306th club formed in the world and has been making contributions ever since.
The Rotary Club of Salem is the second largest club in District 5100.  Our attendance averaged 65%.  Attendance includes attending weekly meetings, participating in Rotary sponsored activities and events, meeting make-ups at other club meetings – anywhere in the world, on-line make-ups, committee meetings and other committee work. Our membership reached 193. We ended the year with 179. Of those, we have two honorary members, 16 Corporate Principals, 19 Rule of 85 and 156 active members.

Club Leadership
President | Steve Ickes

Club Leadership Committees
Office of Past President Committees | Mary Way
Nominating Committee, By-Laws, Service Day Committee; Past Presidents Council

  • Nominating Committee – a full slate of candidates was presented to the membership for consideration and ultimately, voted into office.
  • Past Presidents Council – regular meetings of past presidents continued.

Office of President Elect Committees | Bruce Anderson
Program, Strategic Planning, Presidential Citation

  • Program Committee – Our Program Committee brought an amazing array of speakers and music to our club meetings each week.
  • Presidential Citation – We received a Presidential Citation award this year for all the accomplishments of the club. This is a recognition awarded from Rotary International for meeting or exceeding expectation in several categories.

Office of the Secretary Committees | Holly Berry
Attendance, Roster, Club History Committees

  • Attendance – Paul Farrell. 36 members were recognized for perfect attendance this year.
  • Roster – Warren Bednarz. The printed roster serves as a reference for members when proposing new members, club leadership, club history and a listing of members.
  • Club History – Ron Rubel.  With our centennial just a few years away, work has begun on organizing and consolidating club records.

Office of Treasurer Committees | Chuck Swank
Cashiers Committee

  • Cashiers – Kelly White & Mike Niblock. Oversees the collection of lunch payments.

Club Service 1: Club Meetings | Larry Konick
Bell Ringers, Greeters/Traveling Mic, Invocation, Music Committees

  • Bell Ringers – Brenna Baucum. Solicit and announce the “bell ringers” at weekly club meetings with humor and enthusiasm.
  • Greeters/Traveling Mic – David Deckleman. Schedule members to greet all who attend weekly meetings and introduce guests.
  • Invocation – Richard Pine. Schedule members to give an invocation at the start of weekly meetings.
  • Music – Mary James/Chris Ray. Schedules committee members to choose and lead the song at weekly meetings.

Club Service 2: Fellowship | Chane Griggs
Fellowship Events, We Care, Firesides, Rotary Minute, Featured Rotarian Committees

  • Fellowship – Teresa Lulay. Getting to know each other is important and the committee provided several opportunities throughout the year that allowed for conversation.
  • We Care – Natalie Dunn. When life events occurred for our members, the committee stepped up and lets them know everyone was thinking of them by circulating and sending cards.
  • Fireside – Teresa Lulay. Gatherings held throughout the year giving those working on acquiring their blue badges a chance to get to know others in the club and more familiar about how the club operates.

Club Service 3: Membership | Steve Nass
Membership Development, Red Badge, New Members Orientation Committee
Membership as of July 1, 2016 – 171
Membership as of June 30, 2017 – 179

  • Membership Development – Robbin Kerner & Steven Broncheau. 26 new members were recruited, installed and oriented this year. Unfortunately, we lost 14 members.
  • Red Badge – Lauren Gutierrez.  The Membership Committee reviewed and made changes to the Red Badge process.
  • New Member Orientation – Larry Gray. Orientations are held regularly to familiarize new members with the history of Rotary Club of Salem and discuss events and activities in which they may participate. 

Club Service 4: Communications | Barby Dressler
Public Relations and Internal & External Communications Committees

  • Weekly Update – Stephanie Smetana. The weekly e-blast message with members is distributed via Constant Contact. It includes standard content such as the President’s Message, meeting information, program description, bell ringers, announcements and links to Rotary resources. Periodic articles are featured and messages that support club activities and fundraising.
    • Average open rate – 52%; industry average – 27.9%
    • Click through rate average – 5%; industry average – 8.4%
    • Open by mobile – 36%
    • Open by desktop – 64%
  • Followers on Facebook:
    • Followers/likes:  441
    • 56% women, 43% men
    • Ages:
      • 25-34 – 18%
      • 35-44 – 25%
      • 45-54 – 21%
      • 55-64 – 21%
    • 31 countries

Vocational Service | Nick Williams
Youth and Adult Vocation
Community Service 1: Community Needs | Mike Ferris
Food Drive, Holiday Giving, Blood Drive, Hands On Committees

  • Food Drive – Brent Neilsen.  This was our 28th city-wide food drive. Food and funds were raised to provide 168,131 meals to hungry families and children in Marion and Polk counties, reaching an 83% participation rate for our club.
    • Funds raised by all Clubs – $77,578
    • Funds raised by RCS – $55,377
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringers – Fred Gates. Twenty club members spent an hour each ringing the bell outside Kohl’s on the skybridge.
    • $6,800 raised during club meeting
  • Holiday Giving – Dawn Bostwick. 
    • 60 Gifts for Oregon State Hospital
    • 333 Gifts for Children  (fewer than last year, but were nicer and a bit more expensive) for the Salvation
    • Army toy drive.
      • $9,000 (Approximate value) raised in cash and gifts
  • Blood Drive – Tim Nissen. Approximately 80 pints of blood were donated during four blood drives.
  • Hands On – Sue Bloom.

Community Service 2: Fundraising | Christian Bryant
Good Works Event, Golf Tournament, Good Works Selection Committees

  • Good Works Project Selection – Brenna Baucum. This year’s $30,000 large project was awarded to St. Francis Shelter for a new playground. A plastic structure was woefully inadequate for the needs of the apartment complex housing families experiencing homelessness. New plans include a structure with a slide and opportunities to climb, swing and jump. The new playground will make a major contribution to the well being of children for years to come.
    • Good Works Event: $54,431 raised
      • Director of Fundraising – Lauren Gutierrez
      • Decorations chair – Claudia Vorse
      • Marketing chair – Brenna Baucum
  • Golf Tournament – Natalie Dunn. All Salem Rotary Clubs participate and proceeds go to the dictionary project. Each club retained its green fees and sponsor dollars – See Dictionary Project for funds raised. 

Community Service 3: New Generations | Tommy Love
International Youth Exchange, Interact, Student of the Month, RYLA, Literacy, Dictionary Committees

  • International Youth Exchange – Linda Bednarz.  This year our Youth Exchange program hosted a lively young woman, Eva Doblasova from the Czech Republic. Our outbound student, Lauren Lindholm spent the year in Argentina. The committee has added new members and has continued to network with other local clubs in recruiting students for short term and long term exchanges to provide foundations of world understanding.
  • Student of the Month – Ryan Collier.  We had eighteen incredible students of the month and three Rotary Youth Leadership Award recipients. Outstanding students from North Salem High School and South Salem High School were recognized each month. Each month, students told us of their lives, school activities, and their future plans and dreams. Categories from which students were chosen include student body president, fall athletes, humanities, math/science, service above self, winter athlete, vocational, and performing arts.
  • RYLA – Ida Mae Lafky.  Recognizes young leaders and provides them with an opportunity to expand their perceptions and ideals. RYLA participants gain knowledge about themselves and learn to work with others in order to become better people and future leaders. We sent two to the training this year.
  • Literacy – Jenn Columbus. This year the Literacy Committee provided:
    • $300 for the Salem Library Bookmobile
    • $100 to provide books for our guest speakers at the club to sign (signed books go to homeless shelters and local classrooms).
    • $5,200 to provide books to local non-profits, including St. Francis Shelter, Salem Interfaith Hospitality, Center for Hope and Safety, Smoke Place, CASA of Marion County, and Marion County Court Care. 
  • Dictionary Project – Todd Irvine & Barby Dressler.  We began distributing dictionaries 19 years ago to every student in 4th grade in Salem Keizer Schools in either English or Spanish. We distributed more than 3,800 dictionaries in 68 elementary schools in Salem. Funds for this program are raised through the Annual Rotary Golf Tournament and donations
    • $2,648 raised from golf tournament and donations (club paid balance of $1,490 for cost of dictionaries)

International Service | Shalisa Beck
RI Foundation, International Service, Peace Builder

  • RI Foundation – Dawn Bostwick. $26,871 donated by club members
  • International Service – Howard Bauman. We can be proud of the 11 wells and 2 community latrines that we have completed so far in Haiti. All of these villages have shown evidence of improved economies, better school attendance, and no further cholera deaths have been reported. When our next Global Grant is completed, the total will be up to 17 wells and 4 community latrines. 
  • An important objective of our committee has been to work closely in support of our District 5100 International Service Committee, and to also help other clubs interested in international service. In that regard, committee members Howard Baumann, Cynthia Witham, and Bo Nyleen played a significant role in this year’s District Training Assembly in April 2017 at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, by presenting our club’s experience on:  “Removing the Challenges of Global Grants.” Working with our district clubs and other organizations, we financially supported:
    • Portland’s Paraguay Literacy Project
    • Beaverton’s Uganda Female Farmer’s Project
    • Tigard’s Guatemala Clean Stove Project
    • African Woman’s Peace Project in Kenya, through the Kenyatta University in Kenya
  • Rotaract. The Rotaract Club sponsored by our club has completed its seventh year.

Salem Rotary Foundation
Annual Report 2016-2017
Dawn Bostwick – President 
The Salem Rotary Foundation is an IRS-recognized not-for-profit organization, “the charitable heart of Salem Rotary.” Its members are members of the Rotary Club of Salem. Foundation funds support the Good Works Committee’s Small Grants and also help to support the Club’s annual Major Good Works project.
September is Salem Rotary Foundation month with one club meeting devoted entirely to hearing from grant recipients, as well as a report on the previous year’s results, Foundation history, and goals for the current year.  We ended the month with a party at the Rotary Pavilion.  Grants included $30,000 (partially funded this year) to St Francis Shelter, our Major Good works project, $2,000 in Duval Scholarship funds to Chemeketa Community College, and some $13,000 in small grants to ten different organizations.
Salem Rotary Foundation donations received:

  • Bell Ringers: $10,420
  • Major Gifts: $5,000
  • Club Support: $11,000
  • Donations: $32,414
  • Permanent Fund Increase $86,837
  • Interest: $136
    • Total $ 155,807

Salem Rotary Foundation total assets: The Foundation finished the year at $832,696. The increase resulted from donations as well as growth in the Permanent Fund via investment earnings and appreciation.
Rotary Club of Salem Grants awarded:

  • St Francis Playground $30,000 (partially funded this year)
  • Club Good Works Small Grants
    • United Way – $1,427
    • Northwest Human Services – $1,375
    • Helping Hands Resouces – $1,000
    • Salem Fre Clinics – $1,500
    • Salem Pubic Library Foundation – $2,000
    • Community Action Agency – $1,006
    • Boys and Girls Club – $1,500
    • CASA – $1,500
    • Center for Hope and Safety – $600
  • Chemeketa Community College Foundation Duval Scholarship – $ 2,000

Funds Raised – All Categories

  • Food Drive: $55,377
  • Tree of Joy: $9,000
  • Salvation Army: $6,800
  • Major Fund Raiser: $54,431
  • Dictionary Project: $2,648
  • Rotary International Foundation: $26,871
  • Salem Rotary Foundation: $32,414
    • Total: $187,541

Respectfully submitted,
Holly Berry, Secretary
Rotary Club of Salem
December 2017