Leadership & Committees

There are many committees in the Rotary Club of Salem from which to choose. They are grouped below under categories according to board directors.

You can read about each committee and get committee chair contact information on the club database. Go dacdb.com to login in. Click on My Club, then Club Committees. If no chair is listed, contact the listed director.

  • President | David Deckleman
  • President Elect | Alison Kelley
  • Treasurer | Chuck Swank
  • Secretary | Holly Berry
Meeting Support

It takes teamwork to coordinate the logistics of our weekly meetings. From organizing the music we enjoy as we enter and eat, to who gets to read the good news of our club with “bell ringers” – no detail is left out as these committees work together to bring engaging and enlightening meetings every week.
Committees that fall under Club Meetings include:

  • Bell Ringers
  • Greeters / Traveling Mic
  • Invocations
  • Music
  • Cashiers

When you join a group of fun, intelligent and caring individuals, it’s natural that you want to spend time with them. This area of club service focuses on organizing time together, and opportunities to engage with the community we love and serve.
Committees that fall under Club Fellowship include:

  • Social Events (Firesides, Drop-In’s)
  • Rotary Minute
  • Featured Rotarian

Engaging our membership base and attracting highly motivated, service-oriented individuals into our Rotary family is a vital part of our clubs’ success. This area of club service helps our members – both new and seasoned – stay connected to the developing roles of what it means to be a Rotarian.
Committees that fall under Membership include:

  • Membership Development
  • Membership Orientation
Public Image

Keeping members and the community up to date with the activities of our club is a cornerstone for us. The Public Image group works to keep everyone connected between our weekly meetings, and helps to promote the good works in which our club is engaged.
Committees that fall under Public Image include:

  • Internal Weekly E-Update
  • External Public Relations and Promotions
  • Website, Email and Social Media Maintenance and Social Media policy
Community Involvement

We are members of The Rotary Club of Salem because we love to live, work and play here. As such, it’s important that we keep our finger on the pulse of what our community needs. This area of service focuses on areas of opportunity where we can combine our time, talents and treasures in order to benefit the greater good.
Committees that fall under Community Needs include:

  • Art Fair People Mover
  • Blood Drive
  • Tree of Joy
  • Hands On
  • Salem Rotary Foundation

In order to support the many worthy projects in our community, fundraising is a vital mission of our club. This area of service is focused on educating our members as to the projects our club is currently focused on, and help to promote the success of raising funds for those projects.
Committees that fall under Fundraising include:

  • Good Works Event Planning
  • Good Works Grant Selection
New Generations

Engaging our youth is a key focus to our club’s mission. This area of service helps to bring youth of all ages into the Rotary fold by developing their leadership skills and celebrating the accomplishments of the talented youth in our community.
Committees that fall under New Generations include:

  • Interact
  • Student of the Month
  • RYLA
  • Literacy

This area of service promotes greater awareness of vocations and vocational responsibilities to our membership. This can include vocational focused talks, worksite tours and workplace ethics recognition. For Youth Vocation, students are afforded the opportunity to job shadow and connect with mentors.
Committees that fall under Vocational Service include:

  • Adult Vocation
  • Youth Vocation
International Service

Our club initiates, supports and connects with projects both locally and internationally. From water projects in Haiti, to hospitals in India, to Rotary International’s mission to end polio – this area of service keeps our club actively connected and making a difference around the world. We also sponsor Peace Scholars, international exchange students, and peace-building teens from ethnically-divided Cyprus. Finally, we enjoy travel through reciprocal friendship exchanges with Rotarians from other countries.
Committees that fall under International Service include:

  • Youth Exchange
  • Rotary International Foundation – TRF
  • Peace Builder
  • Rotary Friendship Exchange
  • World Community Service
  • Shelter Box

There are some projects that don’t fall neatly under the above categories, but are still pivotal to the success of our club.

These include:

  • Attendance
  • History
  • Roster
  • Program
Special Projects

Our club spearheads special projects from time to time. Some are large projects tackled over several years, while others are annual events. All take a group of committed Rotarians to make them successful.

These include:

  • The Gerry Frank | Salem Rotary Amphitheater Centennial project
  • The Salem Multi-Sport RiverFest
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