Weekly Newsletter | September 18, 2018

September 19 – Salem Conference Center  Program – District Governor Larry Hatch We are honored to have District Governor Larry Hatch join us at our meeting this week. He’ll be sharing with us the five things that make our clubs, our district and Rotary stronger. Find out more about DG Hatch here. Program Chair: Renee Campbell […]

Weekly Newsletter | September 12, 2018


September 12 – Willamette Heritage Center Program – Connecting Farms to Consumers through Adult Field Trips Oregon Aglink has been promoting agriculture in our state for more than 50 years. While the venues in which this happens has evolved and changed over the decades, the association’s commitment to bridging the gap between consumers’ understanding of […]

Weekly Newsletter | September 5, 2018


September 5 – Salem Convention Center Program – Friendship Brigade Nursing Home Visitor Program   Center 50+ Salem Senior Center has formed a new community care and nursing home visitation program called the Friendship Brigade. Its goal is to help seniors connect and build meaningful relationships no matter their age or circumstances. Heidi Wold Miller […]

Weekly Newsletter | August 28, 2018


August 29 – Salem Convention Center Program – M3 Wave Technologies At a time when the worldwide technology race for renewable energy sources is heating up, an Oregon company has developed and is testing an innovative prototype to harness the energy of wave pressure, right off the Oregon coast. Mike Morrow, CEO of M3 Wave […]

Weekly Newsletter | August 21, 2018


August 22 – Salem Convention Center Program – How Rotary Prepared Me for My Career Our own club member, Vanessa Nordyke, will speak on how Rotary prepared her for leadership roles, culminating in her historic election to youngest-ever president of the Oregon State Bar. Vanessa will discuss how public speaking, social media, and working as […]

Weekly Newsletter | August 14, 2018


August 15 – Salem Convention Center Program – Union Gospel Mission Dan Clem, executive director of Union Gospel Mission, will be sharing a unique perspective on the issues of homelessness and its impact and effect on the local community, in particular Salem’s downtown businesses. Additionally Dan will introduce us to their good neighbor initiative to […]

Weekly Newsletter | August 8, 2018


August 8 – Salem Convention Center Program – National Perspective How do economic policies on the federal level impact our economy statewide and in our communities? What will it mean for the Federal Reserve to increase interest rates and why do they need to do it anyway? Will recent tax cuts figure into actions the Federal […]

Weekly Newsletter | July 31, 2018


August 1 – Rotary Pavilion, Riverfront Park Program – ShelterBox and Rotary – There When Disaster Strikes Rotary partners with ShelterBox all over the world (including the US) whenever a disaster displaces people. Shelterbox has grown to include more than just a tent. Bill Woodard will describe what Shelterbox does and how it and its Rotary […]

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