1985-1986, Terry McDonald

Theme: You Are The Key

The year 85-86 brought the club new milestones of accomplishment which characterizes its members. Our ongoing fund raising efforts continue to help us serve Rotary. We raised “new” funds over previous years by the amount of $10,000. New fund raising projects were the bell ringer program and Salem Downtown Association button sale. Our major project was a great success. The annual auction raised a record $13,000. The student exchange program received new interest and with the help of some great kids was very successful. The increased activity made for greater club unity and participation.

Ivan Stewart’ 1978, John Swenson 1980, Bruce Anthony 1985, Joseph Dodd 1978, David H. Sowle 1984, Ivan H. Pierce 1985, Lloyd B. Anderson 1980, Paul F. Bale 1984, Robert D. Gregg 1985-1986, William Baillie 1981, Paul Stone 1984, Thomas P. Bays 1985, Tinkham Gilbert 1981, Carlisle Roberts 1985, George A. Arbuckle 1986, Willard J. Stone, M.D 1984, John R. Stewart 1985, Gerald W. Frank 1986, George E. Ottum 1984, Terry McDonald, D.D S 1985, Stanley N. Hammer 1986, Ivan Congleton 1984, Michael Carrick 1985, Ray W. Shaw 1986, Elmer Berglund 1984, Beverly Carrick 1985, Leo (Robbie) Robinson 1986, Philip Brandt, Jr 1984, Sharon Eichelberger 1985, Rex (Ken) Howe 1986, Thomas W. Kelly 1984