1995-1996, Rod Tibbatts

Theme: Act With Integrity, Serve With Love, Work for Peace

1995-96 was highlighted by Salem Rotary’s receipt of a R.I. Presidential Citation. As a large club, this award confirmed that our members completed at least four activities in each avenue of service.

Our club continued its focus on youth and especially the Richmond Elementary School, a local Title I school faced with many challenges to deliver a suit-able learning experience to their diverse student body. Projects that benefited our area youth included mentoring, job shadowing, reading is fundamental, toys for kids, playground equipment at Richmond and Englewood schools, and dictionaries were presented to all area fourth graders.

Another successful Rotary Workplace Food Drive resulted in cash receipts of $15,346 and 54,713 pounds of food was collected, benefiting many needy citizens. This year all proceeds from “Bell Ringers” went to our Salem Rotary Foundation to benefit local youth and/or youth organizations.

Two new practices this year was Youth Day in May, when our high school “Rotarians of the Month” con-ducted a club meeting and monthly tribute to long time members featured as our “Rotarian of the Month”.

A real highlight of the year was our hosting, in November, of nine Russian accountants and their two translators for three weeks. We were able to expose them to our business practices as well as become acquainted on a personal basis. All participants had many wonderful experiences. This project certainly contributed to a sense of international understanding and good will.