Dr. Duvall Scholarship

Like many high school students, Earnest Duvall had big dreams when he graduated from high school in 1949. And as is common, neither he nor his family had the money to send him to college. But through the help of Silverton High School’s principal, Earnest received a scholarship from the Rotary Club of Salem to attend Willamette University. Without that assistance a college education would have remained a dream. Earnest went on to become Dr. Duvall, a successful radiologist who never forgot the Rotary Club of Salem’s helping hand.
In 2004 Dr. Duvall contacted the Salem Rotary Foundation about his desire “repay” the investment the Rotary Club of Salem made in him. He eventually gifted $50,000 to the Foundation. It was Dr. Duvall’s fervent desire that these funds be used for scholarships to help economically disadvantaged students who would not generally qualify for academic scholarships. The Salem Rotary Foundation has followed this directive with the creation of the Dr. Duvall Scholarship, a $2,000 award given annually to a deserving student at Chemeketa Community College.