New Member Feature: Chris Fischer

We’re happy to welcome Chris Fischer as the newest member of our club. Below, enjoy his introduction as read by Ryan Collier:
“It is my honor to introduce Salem Rotary to my Right Honorable Friend Chris Fischer, husband, son, world traveler, wildlife conservationist, photographer, artist, and hippopotamus whisperer.
Chris was born thirty-three years ago to parents Tonk and Debbie Fischer.  He excelled in football at a small country school in South Salem – Sprague High School.  Chris then graduated with a degree in accounting from University of Oregon, where he developed a love for wetlands creatures such as Ducks, crocodiles, and hippopotamus.  Does hippopotamus have a plural form?
After seven years as a commercial real estate broker, Chris joined the team at Merrill Lynch as a Financial Advisor.
Chris met and married his true love Adrienne two years ago through eHarmony.  He travelled twice to her hometown of New Orleans.  On Adrienne’s visit to Salem, she stayed.  Adrienne still has her return ticket.
Chris loves to travel to photograph wildlife in remote locations such as Alaska, Belize, Guatemala, South Africa, Zambia, and the most beautiful place in the world – Botswana.  What is the most dangerous animal in Africa?  Hippopotamus.  Did you know more people are killed by hippopotamus than any other African animal – lions, poisonous snakes, and crocodiles included.  While “glamping” in a river delta in northwest Botswana, Chris took a late night bathroom break with a hippopotamus.  Chris woke to relieve himself.  He found a two ton hippo leaning into and crushing the side of his luxurious tent eating the surrounding vegetation.  Chris tried to creep out of the tent.  With each creaking step, the hippo stopped eating and snorted.  Chris eventually made it out of the tent.  The hippo moved on.  Adrienne never woke.
Chirs is not just a fair or warm weather wildlife photographer.  He also took his wife and Keizer Rotarian A.J. Nash to Canada to photograph the grey wolf – in twenty below weather.  While Chris and AJ were jumping up and down high fiving with excitement over seeing these amazing wolves, Adrienne and Sheena were suffering from frostbite.  Adrienne and Sheena did not complain.  And they are still married.
Chris’ will serve Rotary well.  He is passionate about international wildlife conservation and looks forward to working with local Rotary clubs in Africa to champion wildlife conservation. Please welcome my good friend, Chris Fischer to Rotary.”