Weekly Newsletter | August 2, 2016

In my last note to the club I mentioned several projects supported by Rotary members/clubs in the area of International Service from around the world. Our club is no exception when it comes to working in this area either. Our work in Haiti is a great example.
Last week I mentioned the “vision/contribution” to our club by Ron Kelemen. This week I would like to highlight the good work of Howard Baumann.
With a quiet but persistent form of leadership Howard and his” IS Team” chip away at the elements of our latest International Service project. On the phone, in person or in writing Howard leads his team step by baby-step to each project goal-line. Howard is a perfect example of the Rotarian we should search for when seeking new members this year. In my view, thank you Howard.
This week’s meeting: Marion County Public Health Department
Join us for an update of what the Marion County Public Health Department is up to as we hear from Karen Lander, MD, health officer for the department.
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