Weekly Newsletter | December 14, 2022

December 14: Annual Club Meeting and Gold Star Report
Please join us for tomorrow’s program where not only will we cast our final vote for next year’s leadership teams, but we will also review the Gold Star report. The report is completed each year and is a compilation of the club’s activities and accomplishments from the prior year. 
Program Chair: David Decklemann
Meeting Location:
Meeting Location: Dye Room at Willamette Heritage Center
President’s Message
We will be back at the Willamette Heritage Center Dye House this week. We will be treated to music Christmas music from the Salvation Army Band. This will put us all in the Christmas Spirit. Speaking of Christmas Spirit, the Salvation Army is also bringing a Kettle to fill. So, bring your checkbooks. Last year, under President Chane’s watch, we donated $2,800 and won an award. I am hoping we can do better this year. 
I have the honor of chairing the meeting this week which will focus on all the good we have done in the past year. Holly Berry will be presenting our Gold Star Report, which highlights all the good this great club does. I hope this helps answer the “Why” you are in Rotary.  In addition, we get to elect our offices for 2023-2024. 
The following picture sure puts a smile on my face. It is of Cathy Grimes with her son Ryan at his graduation from Test Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base on December 10, 2022. How cool is that!!!!! Cathy tells me that Ryan is going to be a test engineer. He is trained as a pilot, but his role is to make sure the test pilots don’t crash and collect the data needed for the test.  
Thanks for the great picture, Cathy.
Keep those pictures coming.

I hope you are having a fantastic week.
David Decklemann
2022-2023 President
Rotary Club of Salem
100 Years of Service to Our Community & the World