Weekly Newsletter | February 27, 2018

February 28 – Willamette Heritage Center
Program – Opioid Crisis: Oregon Perspective

Program – Annual Food Drive Kickoff

Please join us as we kick-off the annual Rotary food drive!
Program Chair: Renee Campbell

Greets, Salem Rotarians!
With all the things transpiring in politics and around the world, isn’t it great to be part of an organization like Rotary? A group that supports peace, brings basics to the less fortunate, and helps to cure terrible disease? An organization that is about Truthfulness, Fairness, Building Goodwill and Friendships, and benefiting all concerned? For me, Rotary and our weekly meetings are special and I greatly appreciate you, my fellow Rotarians, for making it so.
A recent gathering as Rotarians that was also special was our Good Works Auction. What a wonderful time of fellowship and fundraising, making possible the good works we are able to conduct as a club. The generosity of everyone in attendance and those who donated but couldn’t attend was awesome! Thank you all! Those donations make it possible for us to support . . .
-Peace-building in Cyprus;
-Providing literacy tools for kids (dictionaries for grade schoolers; children’s books for Salem Library and shelters);
-Building physical fitness facilities for youth in this community;
-Helping homeless families and young people transition to a better life;
-Developing future leaders in this community;
-And so much more.
Together, we are Making A Difference . . . for people in Salem and around the world!
I’ll see you at Rotary!
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