Weekly Newsletter | February 27, 2024

February 28th – Rhonda Rhodes, CTEC Behavioral Health & Human Services Program

Rhonda will be sharing information with us about the Behavior Health and Human Services program, which is designed to provide students a comprehensive understanding of the complexities surrounding human behavior, mental health, and social well-being.

This program offers a multidisciplinary approach that combines psychology, sociology, counseling, and social work principles to equip students with the skills and knowledge to support individuals and communities in achieving optimal mental and emotional health.

The Behavior Health and Human Services program will partner with local state and federal agencies, community programs, and higher education agencies of the Willamette Valley to prepare our students for our changing world.

Program Chair: Lara Tiffin

Meeting Location: Willamette Heritage Center – Dye House
President’s Message

Investing in Our Next Generation

Greetings, Fellow Rotarians! I hope this note finds you well!

I’m so excited for our program this week, which will feature our good friend, Rhonda Rhodes, highlighting the new Behavioral Health program at CTEC!

The leaders and visionaries responsible for CTEC have done such a wonderful job keeping their ears to the ground and developing relevant and much-needed programs for our next generations of students. Investing meaningfully in our future workforce will make an enormous difference in our community. 

It was a poignant breath of fresh air when this year’s Rotary International President Gordon McInally highlighted mental health as a priority. The latest neuroscience supports the idea that our minds, bodies, and emotions are thoroughly integrated, interconnected, complex systems. Investing in physical, mental and emotional health will yield invaluable dividends.

I look forward to seeing you Wednesday!

Yours in Rotary Service,

President Alison Kelley
Rotary Club of Salem