Weekly Newsletter | February 28, 2017

I had a reoccurring, interesting and important conversation with one of our younger members this last week. She was wondering if we were making any special effort to attract young people into the club. I shared that the need to attract young people has been a part of several conversations we have had as we think about attracting new members this year. She said that the key in her mind to getting younger members to join was to have the “younger members” already in the club reach each out directly to prospective younger members.
While attracting younger members is complicated as the pressures in their lives are many and unique, from an operational point of view, young members reaching out to prospective young members is a strategically wise move. Not to say that us “older duffers and older ladies” shouldn’t also try. LOL. So, in the coming weeks I urge our younger members to reach out to your friends and work associates and test out this peer-to-peer strategy. Us old timers will try also. Again, if I can be of assistance please contact me and I will do my best to help. This year is all about club building for the future.
As always..
March 1 – Salem Convention Center
Rick Gaupo will lead kick-off to the annual Rotary Food and Funds Drive. Rotarians are leaders in the community and during the month of March they lead the fight to end hunger in our community. The kick-off event is a chance to learn about the issue of hunger in our community and about how Rotary has helped our neighbors when they struggled to put food on the table.
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