Weekly Newsletter | February 6, 2018

February 7 – Salem Convention Center
Program – Believe Foundation, Marion County Sheriff’s Office
Marion County Sheriff Myers and Under-Sheriff Clausen will present on the Believe Foundation. “Believe” shares a sense of optimism within all circumstances – building and inspiring a better community.  It’s about taking advantage of opportunities to make a difference in the darkest moments.  “Believe” was formed so that in those moments, officers have the power to infuse good into bad, create positive from negative, give hope where there is difficulty.
Program Chair: Sheila Lorance

Greetings, Salem Rotarians!
As we start the month of February, we are that much closer to the Feb. 10 Good Works Auction – t-minus 5 days and counting! Still need to buy tickets? Just click right here! Below is another marvelous poem from our own Club Member Brenna Baucum delivered at last week’s meeting, noting this awesome event and our amazing sponsors.  Enjoy!
I’ll see you at Rotary!
By Brenna Baucum
While our sponsors support us, they can also support you,
Through a lifetime of needs for you and yours.
Let’s take it from the birth to return to the earth,
So that you can patron their doors.
Your baby is born, cruising into the world,
Salem Health provides their very first home.
As they grow you drink the wine, provided in-kind
By Willamette Valley Vineyards, where the winers roam.
Then before you know it, you’re baby’s a teen,
Opening their first account over at MAPS.
Then an education at WOU, charged straight to you,
Good advice from Capital Financial helps keep you on track.
Your career at O’Neill Pine is a great success,
Thanks to marketing help from Print Specialties.
Your biggest events worth the dollars and cents,
As NewsHawk and The Convention Center helped make them realities.
Meanwhile your once-babe calls you and says,
“I need help paying bills, please don’t cut me off.”
So to NW Natural you cut a check, assure babe they’re no pain in the neck,
Then call Boldt Carlisle to see if it’s a write-off.
Life it moves on, you work with AmeriTitle and then,
Anderson Shirley builds your dream home.
Huggins gets you insured and with policy secured,
You hire Green Acres to create space for your garden gnome.
Time carries on, your babe’s now an adult,
Bothering you to get a plan in place.
You meet with The H Group to help get the full scoop,
Then Sherman and Sherman so you can age with grace.
It’s time to modify your custom home for your old body now,
C&R Design installs some ramps and some bars.
First Call helps you stay in your home, so you can enjoy your gnome,
And Grove, Mueller, Swank itemizes while you write your memoirs.
Surrounded by family, you close your eyes for the last time,
Rotarians seeing you through to the very end.
And no worries from here, Virgil T Golden is near,
With Select Impression printed eulogies to pass out to your friends.
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