Weekly Newsletter | February 7, 2017

Now that our membership efforts are really starting to pay off it is also important to make sure that we do not neglect the members that we have, both new and ongoing.
There is all the usual Rotary thought about getting new members involved in committees but we must also be sure that we keep our ongoing members involved in energizing our overall club culture.
Having said that, there is a deeper story. Yes, it is true that involvement in committees is important, but really getting and keeping someone is a two party undertaking. 1.) We must make an abundance of personal opportunities available to all of our members but 2.) there also has to be that spark inside the member that finally concludes – this is for me. If they get there, Rotary actually becomes a part of their life story. Their life takes on a new, deeper and continuing meaning, a special bond forms. Key (central) to this bond is that new and genuine, long term personal friendships form.
In my nearly 40 years as a Rotarian if new friendships do not form in that first year the new member will most likely drift away and eventually be gone. Just think about your own Rotary experience. How many new friendships have you pushed yourself to add to your life over the years. I’ll bet the numbers are significant, even if it was just two new people in your life.
And so, as was the theme in It’s a Wonderful Life, continue to “earn your wings” this year by bringing in a new member but then make sure you contribute to building our ongoing culture of friendship, fun and (rock solid} service that characterize our special Rotary community.
I will announce  the members of the “Earn Your Wings Club” at the end of this Rotary year.
This week’s program will feature John Honey, principal of CTEC, Career Technical Education Center. This school is the result of a public-private partnership between Salem-Keizer School District and Mt. West Investment Corp. Mr. Honey will bring us up to date on the programs at CTEC as well as share with us the plans for future growth and expansion. CTEC is truly an educational model for our state!
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