Weekly Newsletter | January 17, 2017

I continue to be impressed this year with the good work and projects this club’s member’s undertake in this community. Whether it’s John Shirley’s work on the “Big Race” schedules for next October, Berry Nelson’s work on our 100 Year Project (the outdoor theater) in the River Front Park as we approach 2020, or Sue Bloom’s efforts to get numerous Hands-On Projects rolling this spring.
We never seem to be very far, as an organization, from what is happening in Salem and around the world. We are (as I type) in the hunt and closing in (under Jenn and Brenna’s good leadership) on another District 5100 small grant project. We are gearing up to host more foreign students. We are working to build up the character and number members this club can commit to “Service Above Self” activities.
And on a most timely note, Lauren and Christian are working our February Fund Raising Gala which is just around the corner. Of equal importance, club members continue to tell me they are seriously seeking out new members to keep our club alive with new people, creative energy and commitment. So please join me and your brothers and sisters in this year’s special effort to continue to make this club a “rising star.”
Finally, keep Robbin in your thoughts as she continues to rebuild her strength, body and life. She is part of who we are and deserves our loving and best energy.
This week’s club meeting: Preparing for the Big One in Salem with Roger Stevenson, Salem’s Emergency Manager.
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