Weekly Newsletter | January 23, 2018

January 24 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Rotary Good Works/Amphitheater

Today’s program will encompass an overview of past Small Grant Recipients and highlight of a few of the major Auction Items showcased in the oral portion of the Good Works Event.  An update concerning the Amphitheater will be provided by Past President Barry Nelson.
Program Chair: Chane Griggs

Say there, Salem Rotarians!
What’s your niche for Rotary? Basically, the area you want to get involved that has grabbed you and you go – “YES! This is the aspect/activity/project of Rotary for me!”
Well, if you haven’t gotten there yet, can I ask a favor? Please keep looking and thinking about it and talking to fellow Rotarians. Explore our website or Rotary International’s website. There are so many aspects of this wonderful organization on which we can use your interest and energy! Plus, we want and need you to get involved.
We have . . .
Committees (too many to list here!);
Projects (like . . . clean drinking water projects in Haiti, polio inoculations, tree plantings in the Salem area, hands-on work, literacy projects, and more); and,
Events (Good Works Auction, 2/10/18; District 5100 Conference in Salem, May 17-20, 2018).
Also, our weekly meetings could use some extra hands to help out: leading songs, greeting and cashier table help – just to mention a few. And, committees – did I mention committees? Check ’em out here.
It’s awesome, in my opinion, to give because you get back so much more. With Rotary, we’re working together with like-minded folks here in Salem and over one million others around the world to Make a Difference in the lives of all.
Rotary Club of Salem is “The Club that Gets Things Done.” So, if you’re not active yet in one or more Rotary committees, projects, or activities, please roll up your sleeves and dig in! You’ll be glad you did!
I’ll see you at Rotary!
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