Weekly Newsletter | January 25, 2021

January 26: Representative Shelly Boshart Davis on Supply Chain Issues
It’s likely that you’ve seen something come across the news or on your Facebook feed now about the extreme congestion of container ships sitting outside of Los Angeles/Long Beach waters, waiting to berth, and you’ve probably felt the impacts of supply chain disruption at home and/or your business.
BOSSCO Trading and Boshart Trucking have been in the drayage/export shipping business for over 15 years, and these challenges are some of the greatest we’ve faced to date. There’s a lot of finger-pointing, but this isn’t an easy situation you can blame one party or fix with one solution. There is no silver bullet. The supply chain is not flexible and we are seeing that in full force. Many are at fault, and many will need to work together to successfully work through these challenges.
Program Chair: Tammy Dennee
Meeting Location: Willamette Heritage Center’s Spinning Room
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Message from President Chane
Greetings Fellow Rotarians:
You’re in for a treat tomorrow because, in my absence, Past President Rus will be leading the meeting. I appreciate Rus’ willingness to cover for me, but I look forward to being back next week.
Also please note that we will not have a Zoom option for tomorrow’s meeting or the February 2nd meeting because Raymond is on vacation. President-Elect David has agreed to film the meeting with his iPhone and then Pam will share that video after the meeting.
And November 9th is the State of the City address so we will have that opportunity instead of our weekly meeting. As mentioned last week, the address will be at the Salem Convention Center. Pam has included the information about how to order your lunch ticket online – in this Eblast. You also have the option of just attending, without having a lunch, at no cost.
Be kind to Rus tomorrow~