Weekly Newsletter | January 30, 2018

January 31 – Salem Convention Center
Program – Foster Care
Our speaker, Ormond Fredricks, District 3 Child Welfare Manager, Department of Human Services, will discuss basic data about children in the foster care system, the trends driving the decrease in available foster homes, the top reasons for children coming into care, and most importantly, the myriad of ways the community can help care for OUR children.
Program Chair: Shaney Starr

Howdy, howdy, howdy, Salem Rotarians!
We are t-minus 12 days and counting until “Good Works Auction – Setting the Stage!” Bought your tickets or tables yet? If not, there’s plenty of time. Just click right here! As we learned last week, the T-Rex’s are coming for ya’ to help make that happen!

(We have great fun at Rotary and if you missed that meeting, you missed a fun reminder to get tickets . . . with dancin’, boogeyin’ dinosaurs! So go here to get yours now!)

Wouldn’t it be great to max out the convention center for this awesome event – having a great time while raising dollars for the Gerry Frank Rotary Amphitheater and other good works our club supports?
At our Jan. 22 meeting, we heard inspirational info about the difference our club has made in our community through recent Good Works’ support – the homeless teens served by Salem Community Action Agency, the homeless families assisted through St. Francis Shelter, huge support for literacy in our area, fostering peace in the world through the Cyprus Friendship Program, and the Amphitheater project to celebrate Rotary’s Centennial in Salem as a gift to our community – just to name a few.
But we need you and your friends there . . . Feb. 10, 2018, to help make things happen, to raise dollars for future Good Works projects, and help Rotary Make a Difference. Please and thank you!
I’ll see you at Rotary!
[P.S. Can’t make it? We’ll miss you but we can definitely use your financial support. You can go online here to make a donation. THANKS!]
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