Weekly Newsletter | July 18, 2017

Message from President Bruce
Howdy, fellow Rotarians!
Last fall, I ran into a good friend who teaches a combined class of 4th and 5th graders (she taught three of my four kids in her class). Knowing I was in Rotary, she asked about when we would be distributing dictionaries. At the time we talked, her new fourth graders had been eyeing the dictionaries the fifth graders had received from Rotary the prior year (when they were in fourth grade) and were anxious to get their own copy.
That hunger for learning was awesome to see and hear about! It’s real, on-the-ground work you all as Rotarians are providing for school kids here in Salem-Keizer. So, whether you’re taking part in this Friday’s Rotary Golf Tourney or buying a box (just $60) or half-box ($30) of dictionaries at this week’s meeting, you will make a difference in the lives of our area fourth graders and their education. I hope that you will sincerely consider supporting this important project. Thanks!
Tomorrow’s Meeting
July 19 – Salem Convention Center 
Program – Corban University
Did you know that Corban is not only a renowned university of Christian higher education in Salem but also works internationally with other countries such as Indonesia to provide teachers, or pastor training in Cameroon? Corban University carries a vision for addressing social, spiritual and educational needs across the globe. In this presentation, Dr.Sheldon Nord will speak about Corban University’s work in our own community but will highlight the initiatives and work of the Corban University Center for Global Engagement. The center provides a unique opportunity for scholars to address and creatively respond to global challenges affecting Christian education, the church and other organizations working together around the world to make a difference.
Program Chair: Karen Lewis