Weekly Newsletter | July 25, 2023

July 25: Salem Fire Dept update with Fire Chief Mike Niblock
Salem Fire Department has been serving our community for more than 16 decades and is still making house calls!
Rotarian and Salem Fire Chief Mike Niblock will provide an update of programs and service delivery as well as a recap of current challenges and opportunities facing SFD post-pandemic. Part of Chief Niblock’s presentation includes a cardiac arrest Scenario Demonstration to experience what it takes to achieve a positive outcome in this life-threatening emergency.
Program Chair: Tim Murphy
Meeting Location: Willamette Heritage Center Dye Room
President’s Message
Greetings, Fellow Rotarians!
I’m so excited for another great program this week! I’ve been so grateful to know Salem Fire Chief Mike Niblock over the years and am looking forward to his presentation. When I first joined Rotary nearly ten years ago, Chief Niblock was one of the Rotarians who made me feel very welcome at each Wednesday lunch. His kind, outgoing approach made all the difference.
Rotary International is very interested in that exact thing – engagement. One way to increase our sense of belonging and are ability to be welcoming to guests is to make it a priority to attend our weekly lunch meetings whenever possible. We want those meetings to be fun and enjoyable.
To help support that, I’m introducing a little “Trivia.” At the beginning of each meeting, I’ll ask a trivia question, including topics like lines from movies or TV shows, music, college football weekly rankings, Oregon history, or whatever other category I dream up! There will be TWO $5.00 Starbucks gift cards for the two winners each week (thank you, Ozzie Rose, who matched my effort!). You must be present to win! AND there are strings attached – please use your gift card to take a fellow Rotarian or prospective Rotarian out to coffee!
Look forward to seeing you Wednesday!
In Rotary Service,
President Alison Kelley
Rotary Club of Salem