Weekly Newsletter | July 5, 2016

The life-blood of any and all healthy organizations is that they must grow. In government they must constantly improve the quality and efficiency of the service that they are charged to provide the public. In the private sector they must produce useful products or services the public wants and will pay for and with private non-profits and purpose-driven organizations like Rotary they must deliver the purpose for which they were established by inspiring their membership to participate fully.
The Rotary Club of Salem must achieve no less than the above. When we counted up our end-of-year continuation membership numbers we took a pretty hard end-of-the-year hit in our count. Unless we take this message seriously and seek new leadership partners, we will simply continue to experience membership drift.
So think about who you know who might have something special to offer this noble cause called Rotary. Talk with them about joining and bring them this week to our noon meeting. The program is strong. I’ll bet they will like us.

This week: the speaker will be Varner Seaman, State Government Affairs Manager, Portland General Electric. He is excited to do a presentation on the Coal to Clean Legislation he helped pass at the February 2016 Legislative Session.
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