Weekly Newsletter | June 11, 2024

June 12th – From Bach to Gershwin, piano music through the ages

The Rotary club of Salem has been a musical club since its beginning. This week we will have a unique program featuring three of our pianists who have been gracing the club with prelude music each week. 

Karl Raschkes, Orn Bodvarsson and Linda Bednarz will present a concert of piano music representing some of the major periods of music history. Including Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Chopin and Gershwin.  We will miss Orn when he moves back to Minnesota at the end of June, so this concert is a special opportunity to enjoy his musical gift along with Karl and Linda. 

Program Chair: Warren Bednarz

Meeting Location: Willamette Heritage Center – Dye House

President’s Message

Celebrating the Arts!

Greetings, fellow Rotarians! I hope this note finds you well! Special thanks to Past President Chane Griggs for chairing our meeting last week! And thanks to all who attended and played a role in supporting the meeting and making our guest, Dr. John Mark Yates, feel welcome; I loved watching the recording.

I’m really excited about our program this week which will feature the absolutely remarkable talent within our very own membership. I’m so grateful for Orn, Karl and Linda going above and beyond, putting in countless hours of rehearsal to bring us what will be a fantastic celebration of music. I’m thrilled that our Program Committee brought this forward. Our club is a club that celebrates the arts. That helps us to focus on why we, and so many Rotarians all over the world, work so hard to improve the lives of others. The important work of Rotarians helps millions of people all over the world rise above a subsistence existence to be able to live a life in which achieving their potential is possible. When that happens, music happens. It’s that simple. Celebrating the complex and stunning music we will hear on Wednesday will be a treat. Thank you in advance for making this week’s meeting a priority in your busy calendars. Let’s give our musicians an enthusiastic audience!

Yours in Rotary Service,

President Alison Kelley
Rotary Club of Salem