Weekly Newsletter | June 13, 2017

The Rotary Foundation is instrumental in how Rotary does good in the world.  Service above self by itself isn’t enough. It also takes money to make the world a better place. TRF funds our polio eradication efforts, water projects, schools, peace scholars, clinics, and much more. You can learn more here.
The foundation has made our club’s impressive water and sanitation projects in Haiti, India, and Indonesia a reality. Your contributions to TRF also help fund our annual dictionary project, and recently our simplified grants to Willamette Heritage Center and CASA of Marion County. The amount our club can apply for our local and international projects depends upon how much our club donates per capita to TRF. Our goal for this Rotary year is $23,800. I’m pleased to report that we have exceeded that by $2,823. But wait–last year we raised $29,693.  Surely, given our increase in membership and an improved economy, we can top that.
If you haven’t yet given to TRF this Rotary year, I encourage you to step up. Supporting TRF is an essential part of being a Rotarian. Likewise I encourage you to complete your pledges and possibly donate more if you can. To do so, please go here. Or simply see Chuck Swank with your credit card or check.  Who knows, doing so just might be enough to push you over the top for your first or next Paul Harris Fellowship.  Best of all, your donation can save a life.  A child can be protected from polio with as little as 60 cents.
Ron Kellemen
Steve Ickes

Tomorrow’s Meeting

June 7 – Salem Convention Center
Club Meeting: Rotarians from Salem, India

Join us as we hear from Rotarians from Salem, India
Program Chair – Ron Rubel