Weekly Newsletter | June 13, 2023

June 14: The Salem Multicultural Institute’s the World Beat Festival
The Salem Multicultural Institute has been working to encourage and promote intercultural understanding through the arts since 1998. The World Beat Festival is its most prominent program. Founded by two moms, including Kathleen Fish -today’s speaker – and powered by dedicated volunteers, and supported by a number of business community members, World Beat has become one of the largest multicultural events in the Northwest. Over 60 cultures and countries are represented yearly through music, food, dance, and the arts.
This year, the focus country is the Philippines. There is a strong, vibrant Filipino community in Salem and in Oregon. We worked with the Greater Salem Filipino American Association, the Philippines Chamber of Commerce in Oregon, the Oregon chapter of the Filipino-American National Honor Society, and members of the Filipino community to plan this year’s festival. Choreographer Ric Decatoria has created some impressive performances for the festival. Community members have put in literally hundreds of hours to prepare for their performances and create the content for their cultural booth at the festival.
Program Chair: Warren Bednarz
Meeting Location: Willamette Heritage Center Dye Room
President’s Message

This week we will be back at the Willamette Heritage Center, back in the Dye House.  Warren Bednarz will be chairing a program about the World Beat Festival.
As many of you know, our large grant recipient this year was the Capital Futbol Club. Last Sunday, Executive Director Collin Box hosted a group of us to a game and tour of the facility. We were able to see where the club plans to build its new indoor facility with the Rotary wheel located in the center of the field.  It’s so nice to see how our Rotary Club is impacting youth in our community. Thanks for a great time, Collin.
Here we are with the Capital Fubol Club, Capital FC Athletica, Women’s USL W league team. The USL W League is a pre-professional soccer league.
President-Elect Alison Kelley and myself posing with – the gold man from the Capitol Building?? I don’t know how he gets all that gold paint off.  
Keep those pictures coming
David Decklemann
2022-2023 President
Rotary Club of Salem
100 Years of Service to Our Community & the World