Weekly Newsletter | June 20, 2017

It is that time of year, the first of the new Rotary Year, for us, July 2017, when we renew our partnership with our Rotary Club. Not only is it time to pay our dues but asses how important Rotary is to the living of our lives. For the majority of Rotarians, Rotary is so much a part of our life that continuing our Rotary association is a no brainer. For others it is a time to reassess what a Rotary life means. For those of you who are not sure if you are going to continue, think about how Rotary has enriched your life. Working on a committee, serving to make our Wednesday meetings fun and thoughtful or working to get a funded project to the goal-line makes our lives richer. If you are on the edge of the club’s life and activities, quitting is likely easier. To you I would only say give the club one last chance in 2017-2018; at least talk with a trusted friend. See if they can make an argument for you to continue that makes sense to you. If all else fails come talk with me. I’ll give it a try.
Anyway, Rotary is a place to learn new leadership and interpersonal skills, it is a place to increase your knowledge about the critical issues of the day here at home ad around the world and, finally, Rotary is a place where you can make, if you want to, lifelong friends. So, sign up and get your dues in. Bruce Anderson is planning a very special 2017-2018 year. Don’t sit on the sidelines, come work and play with us – Your Rotary Club of Salem.
Also, never forget – every month is “Membership Month,” period.

Tomorrow’s Meeting
June 21 – Salem Convention Center
Club Meeting: Solar Eclipse 2017
The moon’s shadow will race its way across the entire state of Oregon in just 12 minutes on August 21, with Government Point, a cape jutting out into the Pacific, the first place in the U.S. to experience totality. Salem is Oregon’s largest city to fall within the path of totality starting at 10:17 a.m. and lasting all of a minute and 54 seconds. Be sure to attend to learn from astrodynamics expert, Dan Adamo, the intricacies of this rare phenomenon and how to safely view it.