Weekly Newsletter | March 8, 2016

“Every day has to have something unforgettable. Something I’ve heard and love is that people may not remember what you did or said but, they will always remember how you made them feel. So, on that note go make someone feel unforgettable.”
Who wrote these wise words? A teacher? A civic leader? Perhaps a motivational speaker?
No, it was 17-year-old Emani, the local high school student who took the leap of faith and entered into a yearlong Rotary exchange to Slovakia. She writes, “The job of an exchange student is to be a positive representative for your country but also to be a positive representative for your host country once you arrive back from your time abroad.”
And, her advice to other Rotary exchange students:
“Take everything that you’ve learned this year and use it in your everyday life in the future. Don’t forget the time you have spent abroad, the faces you met, the mistakes you made, and your biggest and smallest accomplishments. You are now a citizen of the world not just one country or two as others are but, you are a citizen of the WHOLE world and that’s because you decided to take a leap of faith. You decided to take off the label. The label that says you are an American or a Mexican. You decided to become a new you. A better you. I’ve heard that exchange isn’t about finding yourself but, creating yourself. So, that’s what I’m doing. Creating myself. A new and totally improved self.”
Fellow Rotarians, do you ever wonder how you are making a difference in the world? Just consider Rotary’s impact on this one young woman, and how we are creating “citizens of the world.” Thank you for being a part of Rotary.
This week’s meeting: The West Salem High School Concert Choir, directed by their teacher, Kimberly McConnell, will perform a professional level of concert Choir Literature for the enjoyment of the Rotarians. The West Salem HS Concert Choir is exemplary of the high quality of HS vocal music that exists in the Salem-Keizer Music Programs – directed by highly skilled Master Choir Teachers like Kimberly.
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