Weekly Newsletter | May 22, 2018

May 23 – Salem Convention Center
Program – Student-Run Meeting
Our “students of the month” from North Salem and South Salem High Schools will run this meeting.
Program Chair: Ryan Collier

Message from President Bruce
Hi ya, Salem Rotarians!
“Incredible,” “Well-done,” “Outstanding,” “One of the best conferences I’ve attended,” “Salem Rotary did a fantastic job!” These were just a few of the declarations I heard from visiting Rotarians during and after the District 5100 Conference this past weekend at the Salem Convention Center. What a great meeting that was well-planned, organized, and carried out by an outstanding team!
The theme of the conference: “Leadership, Service, Friendship.” Those three tenets were carried throughout breakout sessions, concurrent sessions, and main platform sessions. Speakers conveyed words of affirmation, inspiration, congratulation, and aspiration.
The line-up of speakers was impressive and delivered a packed program day-in and day-out: Mayor and fellow Salem Rotarian, Chuck Bennett; District Governor Renee Campbell; RI President Ian Risely’s Representative Anne Mathews; Rotary Peace Scholar Taylor Cass Talbott; Oregon Community Foundation President Max Williams; numerous breakout session speakers; and then, Saturday night, Stacy Allison, the first American woman to summit Mt. Everest, delivered a powerful message of moving Beyond our Limits.
With the vision of DG Renee, our rock star conference committee team was led by Co-Chairs Tammy Dennee and Mary Way. There were many moving parts woven together so nicely that resulted in a superlative program. A great team of volunteers joined forces, rolled up their sleeves, and made everything happen. As DG Renee said again and again, “Rotary doesn’t do anything; ROTARIANS do!” Well done, Salem Rotarians!
Thanks to everyone in our Rotary Club of Salem and fellow Rotarians from other clubs who made this happen!
I’ll see you at Rotary!