Weekly Newsletter | May 25, 2016

Howard Baumann joined us at the May Rotary Club Board meeting. As Chair of the International Service Committee, he gave an update on the activities of the Committee this year – particularly with regard to outstanding financial commitments that will extend into future years.
The International Service Committee is made up of 21 Club members with an important task to do. They work closely with our District 5100’s International Service Committee on projects we can partner on, all around the world. At the District committee meetings, representative from many Clubs come to present and discuss the projects for which they are acting as the lead Club.
Thanks to Howard’s depth of knowledge and leadership, ours is the lead Club for a large new water and latrine project in Haiti. This effort will build upon our earlier successes in Haiti. These continue to rely upon the local leadership of Lavaud Cheristin, a well driller. Nicknamed Haiti GG II, it has attracted pledges from Portland, Keizer, South Salem and Milwaukie Rotary Clubs. The grant application will be approved shortly by the President of our partner Club in Hinche, Haiti. Then, the application goes to TRF leadership for its approval.
Our Club’s share of the pledge for Haiti GGII is $5,900. The Board has authorized this amount to be earmarked for two years as a commitment, to give the project enough time to be completed.
In addition to this pledged amount, the Board maintains its commitment of $1,000 for a Literacy project in Nepal. This pledge was made about a year ago, just prior to the major earthquake that destroyed so many of the schools and roads. We are keeping the pledge open until the end of next June.
Seaside Rotary Club initiated a wells project in Tanzania to which we have pledged $1,050 this year. Funds may not be needed for several years, so our pledge will remain open until June of 2018.
According to Howard, there are many other projects around the world that are very deserving of our support. How can we increase our Club’s capability to do more good internationally? It comes down to old-fashioned fundraising. This means having a wildly successful fundraiser next February. I hope you will help with the fundraising effort in the coming year. There is no shortage of ways to help solve the world’s toughest problems through Rotary.
This week’s club meeting: Prostate Cancer Advancements. Our speaker will be Dr. Lynn Martell, from Loma Linda University Medical  Center, who will be with us to discuss the benefits of proton treatment for prostate cancer and other types of cancer.
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