Weekly Newsletter | November 28, 2017

Message from President Bruce
Ciao, Salem Rotarians!
As we have focused this past month on The Rotary Foundation, it’s worth noting that the gifts to TRF from you all and our fellow Rotarians around the world have brought a force of good to literally save people’s lives. That’s making a difference!
A reminder – if you aren’t yet a sustaining donor to TRF, it’s easy to sign up. Just a little bit each month adds up to enormous levels of help!
Or, just join the effort our TRF Chair Claudia Vorse has been steering us towards: chip in just $10 if you haven’t contributed already and help make Rotary Club of Salem a 100% TRF supported club. That’s a teeny price that will help make a big difference to help end polio, bring clean drinking water, buy medical supplies and support, and so much more.
Thank you for your support for the great works Rotary does here in Salem and around the world. Together, we are making a difference!
I’ll see you Rotary!


Tomorrow’s Meeting

November 29 – Salem Convention Center
Program – Innovations in Leadership:  The Legacy of Oswald West, Governor of Oregon 1911-1915
What can we learn from Gov. Oswald West? There are lessons in leadership that may be useful as we think about leadership today. Gov. Oswald West was one of Oregon’s most colorful leaders. Because of Gov. West, women in Oregon were allowed to vote eight years before suffrage was achieved nationally. His creative language laid the foundation for Oregon beaches to be public and that carried forward to the 1967 Oregon Beach Bill. He was instrumental in bringing together management, labor and the grange to craft a no-fault workers’ compensation bill. He rode his horse to the National Governor’s Convention in Idaho in order to save the taxpayers money. He ate breakfast periodically with the inmates at the Oregon State Penitentiary and later when one convicted murderer escaped, he personally tracked him down on horseback near Mary’s Peak. This program will be presented by Rotary member Alison Kelley, a great-granddaughter of Gov. West.

Program Chair: Shaney Starr