Weekly Newsletter | October 13, 2015

What is Rotaract?
Rotaract is a Rotary Club structure designed for young adults ages 18-30. Every Rotaract Club is a separate entity, just like Rotary Club of Salem, but each has a sponsoring Club. For example, our Club sponsors the Willamette Rotaract Club whose current President is Stephanie Bednarz.
Why is it important for us Rotarians to include Rotaract in the life of our Club? Because they have a genuine desire to become lifelong Rotarians, and this is often their very important first step.  Our Club is committed to Sponsoring the Willamette Rotaract. This Club is actively seeking to grow its membership – they have a core group now of about 2 or 3, and would prefer to be around 10 or more.
We have a very special and unique program from India. Dr. M. HARI HARAN. .Mus.,M.Ed.,Ph.D.,Ph.D (Hon.USA) is an Indian Music Therapist and  Vocal Performing Musician and Vedic Astrologer.  He is also a Rotarian from Pondicherry, India.
He will be giving a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation describing the power of healing, application process, benefits, healing effects, way to utilize music therapy, and live recorded examples of music for healing cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, depression, pain, heart condition, body weight, Chakra balancing, etc. Members will experience the joy of reciting/chanting a few lines of Planetary Mantras of Sun, Moon, Mars, etc for healing eye sight, arthritis, family harmony, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, etc.
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