Weekly Newsletter | October 24, 2017

Message from President Bruce
Aloha, Salem Rotarians!
History for me is a fascinating subject – looking back on events (some good, some pretty bad – so, lessons to learn) but also things going forward. Our recently-released 2017-2018 Club Directory (thanks to editor and publisher, Warren Bednarz!) the front cover had an item that caught my eye – “our 98th Year,” a reminder of our club’s history in this area.
Rotary’s founder, Paul Harris, had a great observation: “Whatever Rotary may mean to us, to the world it will be known by the results it achieves. Think of the people that came before us to lay the foundation of our club in Salem, the lives that have been touched over the years through Salem Rotarian support and work for good in this community as well as around the world – promoting peace, building water projects, and fighting polio. It’s humbling and makes me proud of you all and your support and work for this amazing organization.
As we prepare for our upcoming 100th Anniversary, I’m excited about our Centennial Stage Project at Riverfront Park.  Another milestone in our journey as Rotarians in Salem, this will be an outstanding contribution to the park, dovetailing with the Rotary Pavilion on the north end and the Rotary Playground on the south end next to the Carousel. Whether hosting concerts, speeches, plays, shows, or other events, lives will be touched and impacted through this new addition to this beautiful venue along the Willamette River in the heart of our city. Opening a new chapter for Rotary in Salem . . .

I’ll see you at Rotary!

Tomorrow’s Meeting

October 25 – Willamette Heritage Center
Program – The Public’s Role in Public Safety

The Salem Fire Department has created, with the help of its foundation, a fantastic new program to save lives. The program funds and places Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) in sites and vehicles around the city. Citizens trained in use of the AED use it to revive heart attack victims. Salem Fire Chief Mike Niblock will demonstrate an AED and describe the new Pulse Point App designed to alert trained citizens within one quarter mile of a victim. He will report on results and future developments. Don’t miss this!

Program Chair: Larry Gray