Weekly Newsletter | October 25, 2016

I think a lot these days about who the “go to” and potential “go to” people are in our expanding club when different tasks come up that need a “special touch” or doing. So, at the risk of alienating every member of the club, but one, I decided to write this short message because I am so appreciative of what this member does and who he is as a human being and Rotarian.
If I were to highlight someone this week, my Rotary Hero, would be Paul Ferrell. Every week in a quiet, humble, but very persistent manner Paul makes sure that everyone in the club gets counted as present. Not only does he know everyone’s name but jokingly he has your number. When you pass Paul in the doorway on Wednesday you are always greeted with a smile, a feeling that you are welcome and important to the club, and surprisingly, he knows something about you, your weeks activities and/or your hopes for the future.
So this week we are going to turn tables on Paul and when you pass him this week take a second or two to stop and make sure he knows he’s your hero too, and, that he knows how much we appreciate what he does for us all EVERY week.
Hopefully in the coming weeks as new members continue to join the Rotary Club of Salem they come loaded with the same love, energy, spirit and character that Paul Ferrell brings to the table (so to speak) each and every week. He’s living – Rotary Serving Humanity.
This week’s club meeting: Measure 97.
Ballot Measure 97 is on the November General Election ballot and is proposed to increase the minimum tax on a company’s gross sales or receipts for company revenues over $25 million. We will hear from Shamus Lynsky, Yes on 97 campaign and Sandra McDonough from the No on 97 campaign.
Shamus Lynsky is the executive director of Oregon Consumer League, a  nonprofit that, for nearly 50 years, has been advocating for Oregon consumers and for ethical business practices.
Sandra McDonough is the president and CEO of the Portland Business  Alliance, which is Greater Portland’s Chamber of Commerce and is the voice of business in the region.  As the voice of business, the Alliance advocates for issues that support commerce, community health and the region’s overall prosperity.
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