Weekly Newsletter | September 6, 2016

Two thoughts this week.
The first is, what an interesting presentation about “Brain Health” this last week. I found myself thinking about people I knew, people in my family, and also thinking about what I do and don’t do to maintain good Brain Health.
While several of the ideas I had thought of before, I had never wrapped it all up in a single informed and thoughtful package. What a great program. So, Bruce and the Program Committee team, keep up the informing and outstanding flow of programs to this club’s membership. Thank you.
My second thought is that we are moving into Salem Rotary Foundation month. This is the month when we strive to make another real “dent” in our million dollar goal. Dawn and Company have a fun and thought provoking month ahead for us. We will be entertained, wined and dined. Enjoy every minute of the month but keep your eye on the tiger – that is, the serious work our foundation giving accomplishes.
One only has to think about what we have funded (even in the last few years) to appreciate the good that has come from this special fund raising month. So, keep your eyes open and your ears alert for Dawn and her team and the good work she (they) continue to produce year after year for all of us and beyond.
What a joy to serve you as president this year. I continue to be impressed with all of you who “week after week” step up and give a special gift, yourself, in committees and individually. Don’t forget our goal of significantly increasing our membership. We are off to a super/strong start.
So as a result, in 2016 the Rotary Club of Salem just gets stronger and stronger in its Service to Humanity.
This week’s club meeting: Rotarian Friendship Exchange from India. Members of our club recently enjoyed a friendship exchange to India, now they’re hosting visitors here.
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