New Member Introduction | Kim Lemman

Get to know one of our newest Rotarians, Kim Lemman, by reading this introduction, written by her sponsor Jayne Downing:
Have you ever met someone and pretty quickly you think, this person would make a good Rotarian? That is how it was with Kim Lemman. Her enthusiasm, energy, and caring nature make her perfect for our club. Kim lives our clubs informal motto – this is a woman that gets things done!! It took 5-1/2 years for the time to be right in her life to make joining us a reality, but I am happy to be introducing Kim as one of our newest members today.
Kim grew up in a large Italian family in Portland, Oregon. She graduated from Montana State University with a degree in Community Health Education. Kim worked for 20 years as a Health Educator, assisting people with desired behavioral changes and developing healthy life styles.
Kim is married to Phil Lemman, who works in the Oregon Court Administration Office, and has two sons. Spencer is a senior at Oregon State University majoring in Chemical Engineering and Jack is a senior at South Salem High School. Kim is a great mother, always helping with homework (although Chemical Engineering may be stretching her limits these days).
Kim loves running and has participated in 9 marathons and 25 half-marathons. For the last 5-1/2 years, Kim has been focusing on a different type of running. As the executive director of the St. Francis Shelter, Kim has worked tirelessly to meet the needs of homeless families in our community. She has taken St. Francis from an all-volunteer operation to one offering professional case management and well-rounded services.
Kim has overseen transforming the facility, as well. Each apartment the families live in has been updated and provides a welcoming environment for all that live there. The addition of the playground is just the latest example and I am excited our club will be a part of helping the children laugh and play while residing at the St. Francis shelter.
I have been privileged to work closely with Kim, as St. Francis and the Center for Hope & Safety have worked to build a strong collaborative partnership for many years. The Center for Hope & Safety provides emergency shelter and stabilization for victims of domestic violence and St. Frances provides survivors an apartment of their own and intensive case management. The collaboration has led to long-term stability for the families we have served through the partnership. When you hear people talk about non-profits competing with one another, I want you to know there are some of us that help one another, share resources, and work to build a safety net of support for vulnerable families in our community.
Kim is always thinking about how everyone can work together to improve our community. When I asked her what she looked forward to about becoming a member, Kim stated it was the ability to have one more way to serve this community. See why I knew she was meant to be a Rotarian? For all these reasons, and many more, I am excited to introduce Kim Lemman to our club.