Weekly Newsletter | December 27, 2016

As you may or may not know our club’s Membership Committee had fallen on “hard times” and really ceased to function, as either: 1.) a keeper of Rotary International’s evolving membership rules or 2.) more importantly, as a vibrant source of inspiration to our membership to stay engaged and/or as a “point of light” to attract new members to our club. As we continue to gear up this years membership efforts, club member-by-member, it is nice to know that this important Club Building effort is once again strong and resilient!!!
I am happy to say that with the support of Ken VanOsdol, Renee Campbell, Steve Nass and a reconstituted committee membership two new club leaders have stepped up and are leading this committee (and our club) into the future with (already apparent) positive energy and vision.
So, please welcome and support Robbin Kerner and Steve Broncheau in their new roles as co-chairs. Make sure that you are as there for them as I know they will be there for you as you bring new members into our club.
This week’s meeting: Club Fellowship! Join us for a fun time full of surprises!
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