Hope for Haiti 3.0

In July, we told you (as did the Statesman Journal) about our partnership with Rotary clubs in Hinche, Haiti to provide clean drinking water. With help from Rotary International’s global grants, and the support of other Rotary clubs across our district, we were able to raise over $30,000 to provide safe drinking water for over 15,000 people.
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We heard recently from Lavuad Cheristin – our liaison there. He sent these photos, along with the message, “Just looking at these photos, you will see how important your help is for water in the communities. See how people place their buckets and take a line. This is an every day true history from 5am to 8pm.”
In addition to the first grant, a second global grant has expanded our initial work, adding three wells and a community latrine in Hinche.
While we are happy to celebrate how far we’ve come, our work in Haiti isn’t done. We have much more we’d like to accomplish, and we’re launching another initiative to continue making the difference: Hope for Haiti 3.0.
This isn’t just a catchy name for this project. Hope is the little girl pictured above, who was adopted by the family of a Rotarian in our club. Hope for Haiti 3.0 is our next global grant that will provide water for a newly built school, irrigation for several acres for year round crops, and many rural townships. Sound intimidating? That’s the beauty of Rotary – your dollars go further to make real change. We need your support.
To read more about Haiti, Hope, and how you can get involved click here: Hope for Haiti 3.0 – Summary.