New Member Feature: Lindsey Vorse

We had the great pleasure of inducting our newest member: Lindsey Vorse. She’s been visiting and a part of our club for quite some time now, so she already feels like family. Here’s a kind introduction as read by her sponsor, Tammy McCammon at today’s meeting:
“Lindsey likes to say she grew up in the same one square mile of Salem, while her mother was pregnant with her they lived on Judson. St., she was born at the Salem hospital then they moved to their new home on high street, and eventually attended south Salem high school.
Growing up in Salem Lindsey loved getting to see her father involved in volunteering of all sorts, mainly with the Red Cross. Throughout her childhood, she followed her dad to many donation appointments. Through her own perseverance and passion for their mission, Lindsey eventually became the youth representative on the local Red Cross Board of Directors. Lindsay became involved with Rotary a few years ago when her father (Clayton Vorse) joined in 2008. Lindsay would help with clean up and take down at the elephant ear both at the Salem Art fair. She has many fond memories of this time with her community.
Rotary became an even bigger part of Lindsey’s life, when she felt the rush for love and support after her father passed away in 2013. She knew then that she would want to one day join the group of Rotarians, who loved her father so much. After his death, her mother Claudia Vorse joined our club for the same reasons; to be connected to the service-above-self philosophy, which Clayton lived by. After returning home from Southwestern Michigan College, Lindsey became more involved with our club by helping out at last year’s good works celebration. She had a fantastic time!
I got to know Lindsey at Rotary Day at the Volcanoes. Her laugh is infectious. I encourage you to ask her more about her love of cats, which often adorn her clothes and jewelry.  As an emerging leader in our community, Lindsey embodies all that we as Rotarians cherish. We have an opportunity to empower the young adults of Salem, like Lindsey, to become action orientated, service minded leaders. At 18 years old, Lindsey is cultivating a career at Willamette Vineyards and joins us as Rotary Club of Salem’s youngest Rotarian.”