New Member Introduction | Larry Hanslits

med-low-reslarry-dsc_4318We’re excited to welcome one of our newest members: Larry Hanslits. Learn more about him by reading over the following introduction, as read by his sponsor Chane Griggs:
“It has been rumored, but now found to be fact. There is something in the water at The H Group; something that takes already great, smart individuals and promotes their charitable intent. It’s not enough that Mary, Ron and Brenna are our Rotarian colleagues.
We now get to welcome into our club – Larry Hanslits who is also a Certified Financial Planner at the H Group.
You might very well ask…..How did YOU get to sponsor Larry? I have to tell you…. I went through quite a few additional hoops.
• For Ron – I had to promise roadside assistance to repair any bike flats
• I had to leg wrestle Mary
• And I promised Brenna a baby sweater
Larry already has a rich history with Rotary having been a member of the Rotary Club of Florence. He also was the past president of Peach Harbor Hospital Foundation and co-chaired the Florence Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament.
When he’s not working at his day job, Larry is also an adjunct professor of graduate level financial planning classes at THE Oregon State University. My favorite line from Larry’s bio was ‘Larry loves to teach and explain difficult concepts simply’. With that tidbit, I plan on attending the board meeting with Larry so he can explain Chuck’s reports.
Larry and Laurie have been married 30 years and have two adult children. He enjoys drinking beer (ok – actually said ‘making beer’), cooking, playing golf and is a rock hound. Yes – he collects rocks and fossils.
Please join me in welcoming Larry to our club.”