Weekly Newsletter | December 13, 2016

The December issue of the Rotarian Magazine has several very interesting articles. One involving the ongoing “water rights battles’ in the Klamath Basin, highlighting Rotary’s involvement, and several articles featuring special service projects around the world.
But in one very short article summarizing a book entitled The Attention Merchants by Tim Wu there is an eye catching and very thoughtful phrase – “whatever we choose to pay attention to, in the end, becomes our life.” That stuck in my head because I believe our club does an excellent job of keeping it’s eye on the things that are truly import, those club building and service projects that keep us strong and truly living our service motto.
When I think of our club and who captures this sentiment my mind always leads me to Richard Pine and Barby Dressler. These two club members, without a lot of fan-fair, week after week, make contributions to this club in vision and just plain getting the mission of the club done. Barby by making sure that the message w.r.t. who we are and what we are doing gets out. And Richard making sure that the bell gets rung for those who go “above and beyond,” – that they get a momentary Star Status. He is also good at identifying people and agencies so that they get the personal and financial bump they need to keep moving forward. Aren’t we lucky!!!
PS: For those of you who are Salvation Army supporters and we are, the Salvation Army Band and Bucket will be there on the 21st. If you are not going to be here on the 21st leave your donation with Chuck this week. He will have an envelope to keep it safe until next week. Thank you.
This week’s meeting: Our Club’s Annual meeting will feature the “Gold Star Report” prepared by Secretary Holly Berry. This report is a huge recap of all the charitable and community contributions made by our Club during the 2015-2016 year. It will also include member voting for the new leaders of our Club, to take office in July 2017. Last but not least, our dedicated Membership Committee will feature some highlights of our Club’s outreach to prospective new members.
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