Weekly Newsletter | April 19, 2016

At this season in our Rotary year, we are already starting to gear up to achieve great success in the 2016-2017 year that will begin July 1. Last week at the podium, Club member Lauren Gutierrez announced that we are starting to look for volunteers to work on our major fundraiser. The event date seems far in the future: February 11, 2017. But it will come quickly, and there is much to do to run a successful event like ours.
Fundraising Chair Christian Bryant has put together a well-organized chart to make all the duties clear and achievable. The key to our success will be to have many volunteers to fill all the roles. And, to start early enough that we don’t have the stress of scrambling to cover tasks at the last minute.
You know, some Rotary clubs don’t even attempt to put on a fundraiser. Their members would rather just write large checks to fund their charitable activities. At Rotary Club of Salem, we have members who do write large checks. And we’re eternally grateful for them! But we also want to create a Club where individuals of lesser means can make a valuable contribution. That’s where the importance of volunteerism comes in. And in reality, most of our members do both: write checks and give of their time.
Being an active volunteer for your organization means that you care enough to make a contribution to its success. I know that each and every one of you cares deeply about the success of our Club. So, please, remember how important it is that you step up and volunteer to help with our fundraiser. The teams will be starting to form soon, so everyone will have a chance to take on a task. We promise to build in as much flexibility as we can, so you have choices of ways to help.
Every one of you can do a little bit toward our success. If that happens, we could have a $100,000 event next time. This would give us the ability to stretch our charitable funds even further to meet the needs of our community and our world. Thank you for including Rotary Club of Salem in your plans.
This week, we’ll be at the Willamette Heritage Center. The program? The Willamette Heritage Center! Executive Director Bob Reinhardt will present the past, present, and future of the Willamette Heritage Center, and how the institution strives to fulfill its mission to “connect generations by preserving and interpreting the history of the Mid-Willamette Valley.”