Weekly Newsletter | April 23, 2024

April 24th – North Salem High School Orchestra

This week’s Rotary program will feature the North Salem High School Chamber String Orchestra. 

The North HS Orchestra has made great progress under the direction of Bridgit Mayer, a Master Orchestra Teacher, who took over the Orchestra a few years ago and under difficult circumstances of the Covid Epidemic. They have qualified and performed at the State Orchestra Championships for the last two years and the expectation is that that they will be equally successful at this year’s State Competition. The State Music Championship Orchestra Competition will be held in a few weeks at the Oregon State University Auditorium. 

These students exemplify what can be achieved when taught by a knowledgeable and caring teacher. You will be amazed at what they have accomplished. Please come in person and support these hard-working kids. A performance like this should not be missed. 

Program Chair: Karl Raschkes

Meeting Location: Willamette Heritage Center – Dye House


President’s Message

You Belong Here

Have you ever had the experience of being welcomed with open arms and told that you belong? “We’re glad you are here!” is an amazing thing to hear. What do you remember about how that made you feel? 

Obviously, this is a bit of a trick question – each and every one of you likely felt that at some point in your Rotary journey – and hopefully do each week at our lunch gatherings – otherwise you’d turn your time and attention elsewhere.

As I was listening to our two students last week, I had one of those profound moments in which I realized that every time we welcome students to our Rotary meeting, each and every one of us has the opportunity to help those students feel seen, welcomed, and like they belong. This is one of the MOST important and easiest ways to help grow our next generation of Rotarians, and is exactly why I spend a few extra minutes chatting with our students after they make their speeches. They’ve taken the time to prepare their remarks; I want them to feel seen and like they belong.

We have a fabulous opportunity to put these ideas in to practice this Wednesday when we welcome the North Salem Orchestra students. Let’s make attending on Wednesday a priority for the week. By showing up we will help those students feel welcomed and appreciated, and we will also be honoring the hard work of Program Chair Karl Raschkes who has persisted in his unrelenting advocacy for public school music education for decades. Thank you, Karl!

See you Wednesday!

Yours in Rotary Service,

President Alison Kelley
Rotary Club of Salem