Weekly Newsletter | April 25, 2017

Like this club, Rotary Clubs around the world continue to make this world a better place. In Guatemala, a Rotary Club is working to make an ecological difference by planting 1,000 bulrushes to help purify their most important lake, Lake Atillan. A Rotary Club in the US Virgin Islands supported the creation of an EarlyAct Club of 50 young people to support Haitian hurricane victims from Hurricane Matthew. And the Rotary Club of Pullman, Washington teamed up with a club from Tanzania to provide clean drinking water for thousands of people living in Tarakea.
Projects like these can only be supported by clubs that are strong, growing and alive like ours. Howard Bowman and his team of hard working members makes this happen for us again and again. They are to be appreciated – and they are.
You can make a difference in this club’s future “energy level” by proposing a new Rotary Club of Salem member. We have about 10 weeks left in this Rotary year – be a new member sponsor – be a contributor. Thank you.

April 26 – Salem Convention Center
Club Meeting: SLUGS!
After a warm spring rain, you’re probably not surprised to find more than a few slimy slugs slithering about, munching the new growth on your prize petunias. Table salt, beer, and poisonous baits are all remedies for eliminating these squishy critters but is there a better answer? Maybe so. And, that’s what we’ll learn about on April 26 when Rory McDonnell, PhD in Applied Ecology and assistant professor in the Department of Crop and Soil Science at Oregon State University tells about his research in understanding and controlling the lowly slug.

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