Weekly Newsletter | May 2, 2017

In a world filled with fake news, ethnic intolerance, political extremism, religious and economic wars, untreated disease and unaddressed poverty, one million plus Rotary club members around the world work to: build their club’s strength,  improve health – worldwide, build international fellowship, improve sanitation, reduce poverty, eradicate Polio and educate the worlds children, year after year, year after year, with measurable success. As noted by our Rotarian Editor, John Rezer – We come “not to observe but to serve.” We are contributors.

May 3 – Willamette Heritage Center
Club Meeting: McKay Symphony Orchestra
The McKay Symphony is co-directed by their outstanding teachers – Jim Charnholm and JJ Meyer. In its debut at the State Symphony Orchestra Competition last  year, the McKay Orchestra was one of the top scoring orchestras. They are currently preparing for this year’s High School State Orchestra Competition that will be held at OSU on May 12. Salem-Keizer School District now has a symphony orchestra at every high school in Salem. This is  a record number of full high school symphony orchestras for any single school district nationwide and is one of the few high school orchestras that actually performs at near-professional levels. You are in for a musical treat for this program.

Program Chair – Karl Raschkes