Weekly Newsletter | May 9, 2017

I have not taken a minute this year to talk about the importance of the friendships that are built as a function of Rotary membership.
When we reach out to sponsor/introduce a new member or meet a new member someone else has sponsored we are potentially bringing someone into the circle of Rotary who may end up a close lifetime friend. This has certainly been my experience with Rotary starting with my induction into the Rotary Club of Eugene in 1978 and continuing with my membership here in Salem. It is certainly a story I have heard repeated, week after week, this year, as I listen to the Rotary experience of other members of our club. While it is important to stay/remain open, supportive and friendly to every single person in our club, lasting, lifelong- friendships do evolve.
So, to all of you who are bringing someone new into membership in the coming weeks, enjoy the friendships that evolve as a function of belonging to this club, both work and play, but stay open to the new life experiences that will come from the new and existing opportunities that become available. 

May 10 – Willamette Heritage Center
Club Meeting: Centennial Project!

In anticipation of our centennial anniversary in 2020, our club has committed to leading a community effort to construct a new amphitheater stage at Salem’s Riverfront Park. This open, multi-purpose facility will be designed to complement the Peter Courtney Minto Island Bridge, the Rotary Pavilion, and the Riverfront Carousel. You won’t want to miss getting a peek at conceptual renderings, hearing about our partnership with the City of Salem, and getting involved with this incredible project.

Program Chair – Barry Nelson