Weekly Newsletter | April 4, 2017

As with any organization, business or club there are a core of individuals who do the heavy lifting week after week. They are distinguished by their thoughtfulness, selfless energy and willingness to do repeat performances in a variety of organizational domains. They would be identified as “utility players” in any sports or a startups.
In all my leadership years this so called “core team member” approach to organizational vision, leadership and momentum ruled the day if you wanted to get anything meaningful done.
We however are, in my experience, an exception. We have an “ever changing and evolving core” of contributors. As Adam Grant points out in his new book Originals, and we are, there is a difference if you use the word “contributor” as a verb or as a noun. It is his belief that using the word as a verb is a less powerful leadership tool than if you use it as a noun, i.e., many club members are contributing to the membership effort vs. the club has many outstanding contributors.
I agree and have found (this year) that while this is an ever changing group in our club, those who take action in support of an effort, using the term contributors captures the significance of what our members actually do week after week. So, to all of you contributors I say, thank you.

April 5 – Willamette Heritage Center
Club Meeting: Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum
Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum will share her goals and priorities in her second term as Oregon’s Attorney General, and how she intends to advocate for and protect Oregon’s children, seniors, immigrants and crime victims and those saddled with education-related debt. She also welcomes your questions.