Weekly Newsletter | March 28, 2017

This is the last week of our annual Food Drive. So search your mind and heart; “dig deep”; I am sure you will find a reason to “serve humanity” this way; please give now, this week..

March 29 – Salem Convention Center
Club Meeting: Oregon Quality Food and Beverage Products Initiative
The food and beverage industry in Oregon is flourishing, as seen through the growth of breweries, wineries, and dairy companies. Key to supporting these industries is the OSU Food Science Program that educates technical experts in fermentation processes, provides continuing education to industry employees, and assists companies with technical challenges through applied research. OSU has now launched the Oregon Quality Food and Beverage Products Initiative. Dr. Lisbeth Goddik will talk with us about this important initiative and its impact on the future of these industries. AND Dr. Goddik will also share student-made cheeses that have been flavored with student-made Pinot Noir and cider.
Program Chair – Tammy Dennee