Weekly Newsletter | August 10, 2021

August 11: The 2020 United States Census
Every ten years, as mandated by our Constitution, the United States takes on the huge task of counting every person living within our borders. Last year’s efforts are complete, and the data is now becoming available to the public. Join us Wednesday as Marc Czornij, Partnership Specialist of the U.S. Census Bureau, shares the tremendous effort that went into this undertaking, the information in its various forms, and how it can, and will be used both privately and publicly.
Meeting Location: Willamette Heritage Center’s Spinning Room
Program Chair: Rus McCracken
Message from President Chane
Greetings Fellow Rotarians:
As I mentioned last week, Tom Golden has graciously agreed to preside over our meeting tomorrow in my absence.
Jim and I are rafting the Colorado River and enjoying the Grand Canyon.
As per our new normal, please feel free to order your lunch from Little Lois (information below) and join your colleagues at the Willamette Heritage Center.
And we’ve been given a wonderful opportunity to view the photos from the Gerry Frank| Salem Rotary Amphitheater grand opening! Ron Cooper took fabulous photos and would like to share them. Click here to view. However, if any of the photos are used or reproduced, please use the attribution: photo by Ron Cooper. Also, if anyone wants to use a photo for commercial purposes, please contact Ron first
Take care,