Weekly Newsletter | August 15, 2017

Message from President Bruce
At last week’s meeting, fellow Salem Rotarian and District Governor Renee Campbell covered many aspects of how we Salem Rotarians are “Making a Difference”. One thing DG Renee emphasized was The Rotary Foundation.
Contributions to TRF support amazing things: near eradication of polio, clean drinking water in developing nations (like that which our own club members have been involved with in Haiti), promoting peace (as we have seen on the Island of Cyprus or educating Peace Scholars, like Ahmad Mohibbi), and much more.
Are you a current supporter or sustaining donor to TRF? If not, now would be a great time to start – or expand your support. Even if it’s just a little. And we can honor and help make this a great year for DG Renee. You can go here to donate to TRF’s funds. Or, to make things easier, just see Chuck Swank during our weekly meeting who is glad to take your money!
I also want to note our own Salem Rotary Foundation, which continues to grow and make a difference in the Salem area. We’ll be focusing in September on what SRF does and then in November, more on TRF.
Let’s join together and make it a great year for DG Renee and Rotary! Thanks!
Tomorrow’s Meeting
August 16 – Salem Convention Center 
Program – Homelessness, Part 3

Part 3, the final program of our series on Homelessness, will feature four organizations serving different sub-populations of the homeless in a panel format. Each will describe briefly the services that they offer, the challenges that they face and their recommendations as to what we, as Rotarians and as a community, can do to address homelessness.
Panel participants are: Andy Wilch, Salem Housing Authority; Kim Lemman, St. Francis  Shelter; Jimmy Jones, Community Action Arches program, and Stephen Goins, Northwest Human Services HOST program. Panel moderator will be Marybeth Beall.

Program Chair: Marybeth Beall