Weekly Newsletter | August 8, 2017

Message from President Bruce
How did you get interested in Rotary? For me, it was a conversation with my friend and sponsor, Ron Hays. Ron told me about engaging programs, community-minded people, warm camaraderie, and how Rotary supported great things in Salem and elsewhere. He asked me to attend a meeting – that was all. I did and was hooked. Thanks for the invite, Ron!
We all know people who would be a great fit for Rotary. Have you talked with them about Rotary? Tell them our story like Ron did with me.  Share about the incredible difference we’re making in the lives of people, the inviting and engaging meetings we have every week, how they can join in to help others, and be around like-minded, service-oriented people. Invite them to a meeting.  They’ll discover Rotary and want to join. And as we bring in new members to Rotary, we can welcome new and diverse people to continue to make Rotary Club of Salem the special place that it is. Thanks!
Tomorrow’s Meeting
August 9 – Salem Convention Center 
Program – District Governor Renee Campbell
This week’s club meeting will be a very special program that you won’t want to miss. Our very own fellow Rotarian, Renee Campbell, is serving as District Governor this year for District 5100. This is a very big deal for our club – and for Renee! Please make plans to attend next Wednesday, August 9 at the Salem Convention Center and provide a warm Rotary Club of Salem welcome to DG Renee – our fellow club member, District Governor, and all-around wonderful person!