Weekly Newsletter | August 1, 2017

Message from President Bruce
Why Rotary? We each have a reason why we join and stay in Rotary. Last Wednesday’s program is mine. Teens from the divided Island of Cypress spoke about life in their country and their experiences in the states for the Cypress Friendship Program. (Our club annually sponsors CFP which brings together Turkish-Cypriot and Greek-Cypriot youths, encouraging friendships in a month-long visit here among the teens and their families. The goal: fostering peace.)
A few years ago when I heard CFP kids talk, I instantly got Rotary’s connection to supporting peace. Inspired, awed, and moved were my emotions listening to youth after youth speak last week. It was truly amazing to hear from these teenagers who sounded more like adults.
CFP is one of many ways we as a club are involved in promoting Peace: Rotary Peace Fellows (we sponsored Ahmad Mohibbi who spoke to us last year), the Peace Pole project in District 5100 (you can see the one we erected in front of the Center for Hope & Safety), and many other ways. Thanks to your support for Rotary and the Salem Rotary Foundation, we do awesome things in Salem and around the world – like Cypress.
Tomorrow’s Meeting
August 2 – Salem Convention Center 
Program – Oregon Youth Authority
Join us as Fariborz Pakseresht, director of the Oregon Youth Authority, shares with us the work of the Oregon Youth Authority and how they work toward their vision that youth who leave OYA go on to lead productive, crime-free lives.